The Poppy Centre Trust

Poppy Centre Charity Shop, 76 – 82 High Street, Stalham, Norfolk NR12 9AU
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The Poppy Centre Trust


Poppy Centre Trust

Why is it called the Poppy Centre?

It is called the Poppy Centre because the committee was formed on Armistice day, 11 November 2004, Poppy is the flower associated with Norfolk, and Stalham Recreation Ground is a WW1 memorial ground.


Once established the building will provide young people with a safe, secure environment in which to meet where they can develop life and social skills, increase self-esteem, build confidence in their own abilities, express themselves and work as a team member.


The story so far…


The Old scout Hut


1991 – 2004 – Scout group try to fund raise to extend or improve existing building eventually conceding it was not economically viable.


November 2004 – the Poppy Centre Trust is formed uniting the Scout and Guide groups, Stalham Youth Football and Stalham Brass Band in a joint user group.


Chaplin Farrant Ltd Concept Sketch




Initial drawing work was undertaken by Architects, Chaplin Farrant Ltd (whos concept sketch has been used by us on our home page and appears on the left) and in March 2005 planning permission was granted.





Steelwork Over Scout Hut





During April 2008 the steel structure was ordered and erected over the top of the existing scout hut giving a real sense of scale to the new project and in November 2008 the old scout hut was removed.





Brickwork Goes Up



June 2010 sees the ground works and drainage done but it wasn't until August 2011 the bricks arrive and brickwork commences and is finished in December of the same year.


It was nearly a year later during September 2012 that the trench work commences to install the electric, water and telephone ducting with electrics going live in October 2012.



A fantastic fundraising year seeing the Charity Shop at Stalham contributing in excess of £28,000.00 and the Community Fund providing £5,000.00 towards much needed security shutters followed by the Big Society Fund offering £10,000.00 and the NCC Construction Funds £100,000.00 has helped to ensure the internal mechanical & electrical services can commence this year of 2013.


Further funding is still needed to fully complete this project but this is where our storey starts.


Our aim will to be to keep our part of this project within budget whilst improving the mechanical design and offering cost savings whilst maintaining functionality and efficiency. We are pleased to offer our design services and experience at no charge .. keep an eye on this page for future updates.


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